Top Marques Monaco 2011 - PART 1

Top Marques Monaco 2011.
Although it's kind of late (almost a month late to be exact lol), I thought I definitely SHOULD make a TMM article on my blog. I do have an excuse, though (work, studying, exams...). Anyways, here's a short article that will pretty much sum it all up the Top Marques Monaco 2011 took place in Monaco between april 14th and april 17th. I had booked my train ticket to Nice, and stayed there for 5 nights so I wouldn't miss a thing (I'd take the train to Monaco every morning and back -- sadly, the last train is around midnight, and a lot of action takes place at the end of the night!). While there I got to meet with photographers friends from down south, as well as fellow car spotters Shmee150 and Marchettino, who also came to the event, but missed others. It really was a great event and I enjoyed myself.

The entry for the salon is 50 euros (quite expensive). But thanks to the guys at GTspirit, I managed to get a press pass, so thanks a lot to them! The atmosphere of the Top Marques is pretty crazy considering it's the only open salon in the world: the cars drive around town. Inside the complex were many great cars. My first Lamborghini Performante (which is basically an LP570 spyder), an extremely beautiful matte purple Mirage GT with white parts (based on the Porsche Carrera GT) as well as their new Mistrale (based on the Porsche Panamera) and Tornado (based on the Porsche cayenne). a foiled Bugatti Veyron, the very exclusive Maybach Xenatec (+400k euros), a grey McLaren MP4-12C (kind of disappointed on the color, but I'm just picky). And many other cars: Noble M600 (which also was up for test drives), the magnificent Koenigsegg Agera R that I had seen in Geneva was also there... And many other stuff! Like the KNIGHT XV which is a HUUUUGE SUV-type-of-vehicle and is very luxurious and spacious: conqueror, huge, beast! The wheels were almost my size (allright, I'm not the tallest bloke, but still). As you might have understood by now, the salon was pretty packed with cars from out of this world. That being said, it was really nice atmosphere, not many people, very calm and cosy I might add.

But the most interesting part are the cars on the test drive, and Monaco itself.
During the Top Marques 2011 I saw many great supercars in Monaco: 2 Ferrari Enzo (one full black, one red), Lamboghini Murcielago verde ithaca, 4 Ferrari 599 GTO, 4 Bugatti Veyron, 1 Lamborghini LP670 SV, even a Pagani Zonda... among many many others! But that's not really the point of this article, now, is it? Not only it was packed with the regular supercars that you usually see, there also were the test drives. 


The Koenigsegg CCX.
A white Koenigsegg CCX with red interior that made a great sound. This car is simply beautiful. A magnificent piece of engineering that is in its own league. With Pagani, Koenigsegg has got to be the only independant supercar manufacturers that live up to the name, in my opinion. Look at the lines of that car... You gotta love the way those doors open up hehe!

The Gemballa Avalanche
The black and orange Gemballa Avalanche GTR 600 EVO (so loud the cops even asked them to stop the test drives, apparently). More than 600 horse power on this baby, a very very fast bad boy on the road. This car was driving around a lot, very often accompanied by a white Porsche GT2RS, and made very exciting noise. I'm definitely a fan.

The Bugatti Veyron PUR SANG.
The Bugatti Veyron PUR SANG. 1 out of 5 in the world, as if a regular Bugatti Veyron wasn't exclusive enough. And this Pur Sang is the only one with a white and beige interior. This chrome and carbon fiber car is pretty impressive. At first it didn't drive around much, it was just parked near the Grimaldi forum with two blonde girls from Bugatti standing next to it... But thankfully it ended up driving in the last days of the show, for my biggest pleasure. This car has plates from a dealership [PACE (probably a publicity stunt). But the regular plate for this car is swiss (Geneva).

The Noble M600
The Noble M600. I didn't even know of that car until I came to TMM 2011. I was pleasantly surprised with it, considering the last Noble car I know is the Noble M12, and isn't exactly my cup of tea. But this one was a pure beast. The sound is incredible and the car looks very agressive!! Definitely want to see more from it! There also was a red one inside the show, and it looked fabulous. I'm very much in synch with that car's spirit. Want to see more, now !!!

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