The Al-Thani supercar collection

The Al-Thani supercar collection

Many rich persons collect cars as if they were stamps. The middle-east is home to some of the most amazing supercars garages you could imagine, especially with the royal family. Among all the private supercars garage in the world, the Al-Thani's has got to be one of the most fascinating. The Al-Thanis are the ruling family in Qatar, a country in the persian golf. 
This garage is exclusive not only because of the cars themselves (considering many private collections are far greater in number) but mostly because of the cars' color: turquoise. This bright shade of blue, turquoise, is bound to catch one's attention. I personally find it amazing. Not only the paint is turquoise, but so is the interior. Making this private supercar collection my personal favorite. All the cars belong to a few persons "ANA Al-Thani", which stands for "Abdulrahman, Nasser, Abdulla". Probably three brothers or cousins (funny fact: the Al-Thanis are the new owners of Harrod's in London, and two of their supercars were clamped outside their own store in the summer of 2010).

Some of the supercars include:

Source of the pictures: car forums, FlickR

Take a look at more pictures from his collection (click to enlarge)

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