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Check here from time to time, I'm bound to update this page as the blog grows.
This section is to gather all the articles where I'll be talking about car trivia. What exactly is that

I'll try to make interesting articles filled with nice, both known and unknown facts concerning some specific cars or their owners. Or both. For example, what other cars does the owner have (private cars collections...), what does he do for a living (is he a heir? royal? businessman?...), what is his car's signature (RRR's black & orange, Al-Thani's turquoise...). Or for instance I'll make an article on a special car because it's either unique or rare or has something that I like about it. Those are the kind of things you will find here. In other words, all sorts of unofficial information that I might have on a said subject that I find worth giving information (for instance, my thoughts on a particular subject)! 
Also, make sure to take a look at these 3 following keywords, that you can find on the left side of the screen: "supercar collections", "Unique / rare cars", "Car-related stuff". They are very "important" as most of the time, the articles on these subjects contain a LOT of interesting automotive information.

Car trivia articles:

Random car-trivia-stuff:
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