Geneva Auto show 2011 -- PART 2

Geneva Auto Show 2011

So here's the second part of my article on the 81st Geneva Auto show 2011. There, I met with car spotters Shmee150 and Marchettino to hang around a little bit, but mostly to do what we love most = seeing supercars and making videos to share with you guys [CLICK HERE to see my full playlist of videos from the event]. This time, I'm going to talk about Pagani and Koenigsegg!

PART 2 // Pagani and Koenigsegg [you're reading it]


Pagani and Koenigsegg

I chose to make a different article just for those two car manufacturers because they both have a lot in common. Both firms have a brain behind, both firms are independant, and last but not least, both firms make amazing supercars. Pagani Automobili is an italian firm, while Koenigsegg is a swedish firm. They both make very impressive and might I add revolutionary cars. At this auto show, they both had a very pleasant surprise.

=== Pagani
Horacio Pagani used to work with Lamborghini before he started his own company back in the early 90s, and designed its first supercar, the Zonda C12. Instant success for this genius designer and car passionate. Ever since, many declinations of the Zonda have been created, always in very few models (indeed, Pagani Automobili is a rather small firm compared to the mastodonts that are the other italians such as Ferrari or Lamborghini). Nevertheless, Horacio didn't rest, and has been working hard for more than 10 years on his newest supercar: the HUAYRA [click here if you want to know how to pronounce it].

The Pagani Huayra is an aerodynamic challenge. Its name means "wind god" in a south-american language and Horacio's dream was to make his new supercar as pure yet agressive as the wind. And I frankly think he's succeeded. Although the ressemblance to the Zonda is very present in our minds (such as with details like the tail lights trio or the 4-tip-exhaust, Pagani's watermark), the Huayra is very different. Longer and "heavier", this car doesn't look like the fastest in the world. But don't be fooled by it's "fatty whale look" (as some say), because under this engine (provided by AMG), lies enough horse power and technology to compete against pretty much everything and everyone out there. Plus, the use of flaps on the car (instead of a spoiler / wing in the back) are meant to master the wind and maximize the aerodynamics of the cars while moving.

The doors are in "elytre", just like the SLS AMG, giving this car a very futuristic look. But it does seem hard to close the door which are way up there once you're sitting in your seat... The interior is pretty classy, as usual with Pagani's work. Attention to detail is very important. The dashboard is a masterpiece of sober technology. Only tacky thing is the key of the car, which is in the shape of... the car itself. But not enough to make me hate the car!

After Pagani's built a new industry, it is said only 20 or 30 will be made each year. That's almost more than the whole Zonda production since the beginning! More than enough. Good for us! Hope to see one on the road REALLY soon!

=== Koenigsegg
Christian Von Koenigsegg is the brain behind the Koenigsegg firm. After making very successful models, the Agera was his latest creation. After seeing the turquoise CCXR all over Europe in summer 2010, I'm pretty sure this will boost the firm A LOT. Koenigsegg builds very very few cars (only 5 or 7 CCXR in the world). But the client is king, and he often has good taste. This was our surprise of this Geneva Auto Show: the Koenigsegg Agera R.

This magnificent white and red Koenigsegg with carbon fiber parts and black rims is a special order for a very lucky client. What makes it so special appart from the colors? It has a whole SKI apparel on the roof! Indeed, the owner being a skiing fan (nope, it's not Jon Olsson) had it custom-made, so he could take his Koenigsegg Agera R up in the mountains, without leaving the skis behind! Brilliant detail. Take a look at that black and white interior, it's pretty dazzling and shines with purity and technology. 

A magnificent car indeed.Mr. Koenisegg himself was there to present the car, which is quite an honor. Unfortunately, I didn't know (although I suspected something haha) so I didn't get to chat with him a little bit. Bummer. Maybe another time! Anyways, he also brought a magnificent grey Koenisegg Agera. Simple, pure, beautiful. Koenigsegg.

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