Birdman buys the Maybach Exelero !!!

Birdman buys the Maybach Exelero !!!

Some of you might know Birdman, he's an american rapper that started way back in the days. But that's not really what interests the readers of this blog. The thing is Birdman has quite a little fortune (rumors say around 100 million dollars, but that's waaay under-estimated if you want my opinion lol) and owns several supercars, including a full-red Bugatti veyron (watch video here). I personnally think the color combo on his Veyron fits well with the personage and the "all red theme" he has going on!
But let's stick to the big news. It has been reported that Birdman has actually bought the unique Maybach Exelero for the insane amount of 8 million dollars. This unique two-door Maybach was launched back in 2005, and I nowadays think the new Maybach Xenatec (watch video here) bears a striking resemblance to it, except for the front, Exelero's being much more agressive in my opinion. But the funny thing is the Exelero was worth 8 million dollars back then, just like to day! The price hasn't dropped apparently. My theory is that many people have been buying / renting the one-off car ever since, therefore making the price drop... So as its value grew by the years (as most unique cars do), it also dropped because of its "extensive" use.

The other crazy new in this is that Birdman likes red. In fact, he likes it so much that he will paint the Maybach EXELERO in ... RED. That's right. This car, which was always seen in black will now face a whole redesign. I just can't wait to see the final result to say if I like it or not. But if it looks as good as his Bugatti Veyron, chances are I will like this very flamboyant Maybach Exelero 2.0! :)

Some pictures of the Maybach Exelero, taken from Google Image search.

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