Bugatti Veyron Centenaire

The Bugatti Veyron Centenaire - Only 4 in the world

Ever since the 1001-horse-powered Bugatti Veyron was launched at the Paris Auto Show back in 2000, Bugatti hasn't stopped creating exclusive limited editions (it is said they're having trouble to sell all of the 300 Veyrons that were supposed to be built, so they keep creating special editions of it). Actually, there are more than 10 limited editions of the Veyron nowadays, I think! As far as I'm concerned, they're only simple declinations of the magnificent Veyron, and I wouldn't mind it that much if they didn't bear some rather silly names for most of them (for french speakers, at least). Nevertheless, I'm not here to spit on the Veyron nor to be harsh with it, because I love all Veyron models and wouldn't dare to criticize too much what I worship.One of those limited edition is the CENTENAIRE.

Only 4 were made
A dark-green/chrome one (the Malcolm Campbell edition), a white/chrome one (the Hermann Zu Leiningen edition), a crimson/chrome one (the Achille Varzi edition) and finally a blue/chrome one: the Jean-Pierre Wimille edition (yes, they all have chrome as a main color). The Jean-Pierre Wimille edition of the Centenaire is the exclusive Bugatti Veyron I had the privilege of spotting in Paris during summer of 2009 and 2010. 
Funny fact: 3 out of those 4 limited-edition Veyrons are owned by people from the middle-east: two of them are from Qatar (the Hermann Zu Leiningen and Jean Pierre-Wimille) whereas the Achille Varzi has Liechtenstein plates (when I wrote the article) but is owned by someone from the Middle-East that lives in Monaco. That comes to show how much they love being exclusive! 

Why is this car special? Rare. Only 4 Centenaire.

Sources for the pictures: 
Bugatti Veyron // Jean-Pierre Wimille Centenaire edition

More pictures here (click to enlarge):

Bugatti Veyron // Hermann Zu Leiningen Centenaire edition

Bugatti Veyron // Achille Varzi Centenaire edition

Bugatti Veyron // Malcolm Campbell edition

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