Supercar collection from Singapur!

Supercar collection from Singapur!

This crazy garage belongs to a businessman in Singapore! Not many people know that Singapore is a veritable car-heaven! It might be a small country with not that many inhabitants... But it does have a lot of supercars! Especially Lamborghinis!! Anyways.

This guy's private collection is parked in front of the house, behind the gates. Supercars part of his collection:

  • Ferrari Enzo, F50, F40 ... & many others!
  • Pagani Zonda (probably 2)
  • Lamborghini Murcielago...
And he owns probably several others... he also has an underground garage with more cars!! The owner is kind enough as to "showcase" the cars in a way so that we can see them from the outside! I find that rather nice... On a side-note, he's also the guy that helped to organize the Singapour F1 Grand Prix!

Some more pictures (click to enlarge)

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