Ferrari Enzo MIG-U1 by Gemballa

Ferrari Enzo MIG-U1 by Gemballa

Now that's exclusive. 
Not very often do you get to see such a rare and unique car. Before Uwe Gemballa disappeared in mysterious circumstances somewhere in South Africa (and eventually was found murdered there), he was well-known for his tuning work on Porsche cars. That being said, with this one, he wanted to show he could work with other brands: not only did he pick Ferrari, but he chose its most exclusive and beautiful model, the Ferrari Enzo. Gemballa was the man, this is his legacy.

At the beginning, there were supposed to be only 25 units of the Ferrari Enzo by Gemballa. Tthe original website even has a configurator... where you can virtually see the MIG in all sorts of color: red, blue, green (it's definitely brutal in full black)! Anyway, only one model was made. A unique and very exclusive white and black monster, bearing the name MIG-U1 (it stands for Mustafa and Ilyas Galadari - Uwe 1). That's why when we call this car the "MIG-U1", it's somehow incorrect, considering it's a special name for the specific owners and 25 others were meant to be made... But still, let's keep "MIG", considering it's unique so far! 
The owners are from Dubai and have other amazing cars: Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir, Brabus SL65 "Stealth", a matte red Ferrari 599 GTO, two Brabus SL65 Black Series. They even used to have (or still do, I don't really know) red CLK GTR AMG, Gemballa Mirage GT and red Bugatti EB110!!

Back to the MIG: I had the privilege of seeing it with my own eyes, and above all, hear it with my own ears. Indeed, the engine, is by far the loudest thing I've ever heard in my life: the ground was SHAKING, as if an earthquake was occurring, or as if the metro was passing underneath our feet. Breath taking. The first time the owner started the engine (video 1), everyone was flabbergasted by how loud this monster was... it's as if a fighter jet flew by! When it came to Paris, the car sadly only had 41km on it (can be seen in picture #6 if you look closely). But still, it's a great car!

Why is this car special? Unique + Gemballa's last work

Take a look at more pictures I took of this incredible car (click to enlarge):

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