Incredible gathering in China! PART 2

Incredible gathering in China!
Again, thanks to REVIO for finding pictures of this awesome event and for sharing. This article is PART 2 of the incredible +500 supercar gathering at the Shanghai International Circuit, apparently for some event called "super race" (if you know more, please don't hesitate to tell me). Most of the greatest supercars on the planet were there: Pagani Zonda R, Ferrari Enzo, Aston Martin One-77, Pagani Zonda Cinque, Bugatti Veyron... And many more. In this part 2, I'll share more pictures with you! :)

As you can see, there wasn't only ONE Ferrari Enzo, but there were TWO. The black "Tiger" Ferrari Enzo is pretty awesome. I remember seeing pictures of it a long time ago, but never seeing it again! It's so lovely with the smoked tail-lights! We also thought there only was ONE Cinque. But there were TWO. What kind of incredible event is this??? I want to get invited next time haha!

Enjoy the pictures (click to enlarge)

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