SuperCar Charity Challenge

Supercar Charity Challenge in Malaysia!

I've got to thank Hafyzdinh Hadin for telling me about this! But why did I chose to make an article on this thing? For two reasons. First, the cars are incredible and I just had to share this with you guys. Second, I've lived 3 years in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), so I kind of feel connected to this haha! I don't know much about the event itself, except that, like the name suggests, it's a charity drive. It lasted for 3 days: they took off from Kuala Lumpur (KL) and headed over to Johor Bahru! What was the good cause? They raised up to RM 500,000, twice of what was expected (a little bit more than 115000 euros) for education of underprivileged youth in Johor.
The Sultan of Johor himself took part in this supercar charity challenge and brought his incredible and beautiful light blue / white Bugatti Veyron! There were approximately 100 cars on this event. All the cars present there were crazy (LP670 SV, chrome LP640, Ford GT, white Jaguar XJ220, Ferrari 430 scuderia, Porsche GT3RS, LP560-4, Ferrari 360 CS, Mercedes SLR, and many many more...). All the pictures were taken from Mean Machines Facebook page << follow them!!! Malaysia Boleh ;)

Let's just enjoy the pictures, shall we? (click to enlarge)

- Mean Machine's Facebook page

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